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Heavy SUV tires

Lower center of gravity with same high clearance
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Yeah, it'd be a drag on acceleration and fuel efficiency, but some people might want the option of sacrificing that for better cornering and stability.

(I think you could call this 3/4 baked since farm tractors have this feature so they can pull big implements and keep solid grip on the ground.)

I guess there could be a range of tire weights ranging from mineralized water-filled all the way to tungsten-filled.

seal10, Oct 26 2001

po at the wheel http://homepage.ntl...2001/tocatour17.jpg
might explain how po annotated 1st too [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

Big, heavy, chrome wheels on a Cadillac http://www.streetdr...DO_ESCALADE-med.jpg
Escalade with 24 inch chrome wheels; must handle terribly [discontinuuity, Sep 22 2006]


       look a bit bloody silly on my vauxhall astra
po, Oct 26 2001

       Is that a good thing or a bad, [po]?
hello_c, Oct 26 2001

       How about lead rims?
phoenix, Oct 26 2001

       'd be good for crushing all them little cars that get in the way.
beauxeault, Oct 26 2001

       I avoided bringing up lead because of the environmental concerns. Kids might, I dunno, lick discarded tires. P:
seal10, Oct 26 2001

       high unsprung weight is a bad thing. When you hit a bump, the whole corner of the car would lift up, because it weighs the same as the tire. Cause more accidents.
gus2, Jan 15 2002

       "Vauxhall Astra," such a name.
bristolz, Jan 15 2002

       Gus is exactly right. While weighting tires does wonders for tractors moving at very low speeds, when you try the same for highway vehicles the result is disastrous. SUV's, which already suffer tremendously from poor handling, would only become the more unsafe. A simple pothole would feel like a bomb explosion underneath.
Darknight, Dec 20 2002

       So they'd feel like a bomb went off? Make them mandatory on SUVs! ( people will stop using those huge, gas gulping, traffic anoying, unsafe things )
my-nep, Nov 05 2003

       Gus hit it on the head... you would be better off putting a weight under the car. Maybe a really thick skid plate or something. Besides, SUV tires are expendsive enough already, this would just make them cost more. A heavy plate under the car could just stay on the vehicle and would still lower the center of gravity like you want.
KLRico, Nov 06 2003

       Following [my-nep]'s line of thinking, how about weighting only one half of each tyre?
benjamin, Nov 06 2003

       The thing to understand here is that SUV's should not be going very fast period. If you want to safely corner at 40MPH, go get a vette.
Jscotty, Sep 22 2006


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