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Heckler n'Clock

military time
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Heckler n'Clock features revolving weapons instead of the usual pointing hands. A short barrelled gun like a Colt pistol would indicate the hour, while some sort of rifle points to the minutes.

Full sized weapons are suitable for a large clock in a big space, whilst miniaturised replicas can be used right down to a size suitable for replacing the tiny hands of wrist watches. Stupidly large version features revolving tank turrets.

Lunatic range fires blanks that act as an alarm clock, or to punctuate the hours of the day.

xenzag, Mar 24 2011

Throne of Weapons http://www.britishm....org/PDF/throne.pdf
Might go nicely with one of these. [zen_tom, Mar 28 2011]


       [Farmer John] would be proud. Why blanks? Do the whole clinkers and range thing.   

       You'd need to reload instead of rewinding, and if you used a revolver you could only signal six times before you had to reload.
normzone, Mar 24 2011

       Will it go, "Tick, Glock, Tick, Glock. .." ?   

8th of 7, Mar 24 2011

       You might want some special 24 round magazines constructed, then your clock would only be legal in certain states.
normzone, Mar 24 2011

       Suggested sales slogan: "Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but this one's dangerous all the time. !"
8th of 7, Mar 24 2011

       would it work to have two circles representing the hour and minutes? That way you can make a pistol and rifle clamp, to which you can host your own working weapons for the clock.
mofosyne, Mar 25 2011

       Silencers are extra I take it?   

       "uzi like Sunday morning"...   

       That's funny.
normzone, Mar 25 2011

       Thought it might be a clock that stands up and irritates me every hour, on the hour...
RayfordSteele, Mar 25 2011

       I'm sure there could be a cuckoo clock version of that.... a little heckler on a soap box pops out and rants on the hour.
xenzag, Mar 26 2011

       "Cuckoo .... Cuckoo .... BANG"   

       "Heckler and Koch; keeping endangered species that way since 1949".
8th of 7, Mar 27 2011

       I had actually forgotten that I posted this! Busy weekend. Meant to make an illustration, but got too many other pieces to work on.... someday soon.
xenzag, Mar 28 2011

       //Will it go, "Tick, Glock, Tick, Glock. .." ? //   

       Sp. "Sig, Glock, Sig, Glock"
Custardguts, Mar 28 2011


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