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Height-adjusted umbrellas

Preventing premature blindness
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Government legislation should be introduced to ensure that short people cannot legally carry umbrellas at a height that ends up with their umbrella spikes going perillously close to taller people's eyes.

Different grades of umbrellas should be introduced, so that shorter people have longer handles, and all umbrellas are therefore carried safely above head height.

mrballs, Aug 19 2004

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       but then the short people would get wet.   

       much better to have safety features at the end of each spike - like a cork.
po, Aug 19 2004

       Or a marshmallow [po] ?
skinflaps, Aug 19 2004

       inflatable custard-filled bluetooth-enabled genetically-engineered piezo umberellas anyone?
dobtabulous, Aug 19 2004

       oh, a marshmallow is just genius!
po, Aug 19 2004

       wait a minute, before you hand [skinny] a nobel prize, the marshmallow would disolve in the rain! silly people and sillier [dob] I vote for cork tips.   

       as for the original idea, nice try, won't happen. I *loved it* when my kids had an umbrella that stabbed me continuously in the gut.
dentworth, Aug 19 2004


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