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Held Cube

a cube-shaped object to fit in your palm to manipulate to edit/view/design in 3D CAD software
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It's easier to view 3D objects on the screen when you can hold and turn an actual 3D object.

Working on the plan (overhead) view of a building, but you want to see the front elevation? Tip the cube backwards on its little pad with your left hand. Left hand, of course, because right hands (for righties) will always be one with a mouse.

Want to move some selected object, just lift the cube up with your hand.

Tap the cube, spin it, roll it, tip it, touch 4 faces, touch 2 face, tap a corner, tap an edge ... you get the idea: A simple wireless cube can send an almost limitless array of commands that are fundamentally easier to do that clicking menus or on-screen buttons with a mouse (2D input).

We grow up playing with blocks, manipulating a block to edit 3D objects is almost human nature--clicking windows and menus and keyboards are not.

2D input devices for 2D drawings, 3D input devices for 3D drawings. thnx

neuroticus, Feb 25 2003

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       I like it. How about "Handheld Cube Input Device"?   

       Hope it's not very heavy...
galukalock, Feb 25 2003

       Galukalock: I was thinking 30cm x 30cm, made of solid marble. Doing 3D design doubles as an aerobic workout.
Cedar Park, Feb 26 2003


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