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two squeezable mice shaped like rotary knobs
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Working with live performance software one often finds virtual replications of physical interfaces, eg. DJ mix consoles, synthesizers, vision mixers, lighting desks and so on. On a computer, you use a mouse to manipulate them, but this isn't hugely ergonomic.

So people often connect 'uncommitted MIDI control surfaces' to their software, but these have fixed physical layouts that don't necessarily conform to the software's interface layout.

Enter the knobmouse. Imagine a squash ball held between thumb and index finger, mounted on a (2-3 cm wide) puck-shaped base that senses rotation (in the vertical axis) as well as movement. Squeezing the squash ball closes a switch and is equivalent to pressing a mouse button.

You move the ball across your desk to select an onscreen rotary dial, squeeze the ball, and tweak your finger/thumb to rotate it as you would rotate a real rotary dial. To move linear faders, you do the same thing but move the mouse after squeezing.

One knobmouse for each hand gives you similar ergonomics and control bandwidth to the real thing, but with complete configurability.

bumhat, Jan 27 2006

Vaguely reminiscent of this http://www.3dconnex...om/products/3a2.php
Just got my hands on one of these - v exciting (for me) [moomintroll, Jan 27 2006]

CyberEsport Orbita https://www.fastcom...ne-big-scroll-wheel
A concept for a mouse that's a knob, somehow. Not much detail and the company appears to have disappeared. [notexactly, Apr 09 2019]

Logitech NuLOOQ https://techgage.co...h_nulooq_navigator/
A multipurpose knob, but not a mouse. Similar to the first link, but designed for non-3D creative software. [notexactly, Apr 09 2019]


       when I saw the title, I thought it might be a type of digital condom... never mind - sounds like a good idea if you are a dj, but I''ll stick with the old Linn Axis
xenzag, Jan 27 2006

       Do they eat knobcheese?
Dub, Jan 27 2006

       Most computer mice these days have a wheel control between the buttons. The software tools should use this input for knob-twiddling....
Minimal, Jan 27 2006

       [Dub] Go to your room - this instant!
coprocephalous, Jan 27 2006


       Not really that limited - can be used for any application that requires real-time control of parameters. Aircraft cockpits / nuclear power stations and so on.
bumhat, Jan 30 2006


       The difference is in the ergonomics - using knobmice should 'feel' more like using real dials and sliders.
bumhat, Feb 01 2006


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