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Here's Looking at You

Head-Orbiting Head
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This is something out of the ordinary to wear to your next masquerade, halfbakery pride parade or just when work is feeling dreary. It’s a happy little face, the size and shape of an ice hockey puck that rolls around your face with eyes only for you.

To use, give the elastic strap that encircles the smiling head one twist and pull it on, from under your chin, across your cheek bones, to over the top of your scalp. Now your head is in one loop of the strap figure eight and the jovial robot is in the other, and it moves by pulling in one end of the strap and letting out the other.

The cheerful, orbiting head faces the same way you do, but sensing the common contact point, always gazes towards you with animated eyes, whether it’s beside you upside-down or under you right-side-up.

For variation, pull it on your midriff to circle and ogle your waist or why not order the oval, life-size face for a realistic cheek-to-cheek and chin-to-chin circumnavigation.

FarmerJohn, Apr 15 2004


       I'm having trouble with these two seemingly contradictory phrases:   

       //head faces the same way you do//   

       //always gazes towards you//
oxen crossing, Apr 15 2004

       It's the rolling, robotic eyeballs what does it.
FarmerJohn, Apr 15 2004

       Heads up +
skinflaps, Apr 15 2004

       are the eyeballs on stalks?   

       its like one of those pictures where the eyes follow you round the room. I think I would keep it in the attic with my picture of Dorian Grey - too spooky for words FJ.
po, Apr 15 2004

       Totally insane (+)
I see a very lucrative secondary application. Install a web cam in the puck and incorporate that elastic strap into the sash worn by Miss Universe contestants. Only $29.99 for the first minute and $9.99 for each additional minute.

       Hmmm. This gives me an idea. ++
sartep, Apr 15 2004

       Ahhhhhh, now I get it. I don't know why I was confused. Rereading your explanation, it now sounds impeccably unambiguous. Please disregard my previous post.   

       You're nuts. [+]. (Do you worry about hair entanglement?)
oxen crossing, Apr 15 2004

       Can it be set to stare at someone else instead?
Worldgineer, Apr 15 2004

       I do not even understand how you thought of this. Was there a need for this particular peice of dough at some point in your life? It's so hilarious that I would use it all the time. Imagine being 'that woman with the head that orbits her head'!!
Georges, Dec 21 2006

       what I find strange are the +s, but no croissants ? - I'm adding one to see what happens
xenzag, Dec 21 2006


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