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Hermit Jury

For those media circus court cases
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Since there are so many court cases now that are covered extensively in the media, it is impossible for jury members to be uninfluenced by them.
What I suggest is that governments should sponsor people to live in secluded areas with absolutely no connection to any kind of media in the outside world (kind of like big brother).
That way the next time theres a huge courtcase thats covered massively in the news, just bring out a few selected people from the Hermit Jury Program, voila, impartial jury.
Of course the seclusion of these people could turn some of them mad, but hey, justice ain't free.
Little_Crow, Jun 25 2001


       I like the idea. The one drawback that I can see is that such social isolation could actually cause mental illness, thus resulting in a whacked out jury.
mrthingy, Jun 25 2001, last modified Aug 09 2001

       You mean total isolation... as in no internet... no HB!... nobody deserves that!!!   

       Actualy I think that this is a good idea but why not save everyone the bother and just use people like me who's only news comes from the headlines on the NTL homepage...
RobertKidney, Jun 25 2001

       I dunno about this. I mean, can muppet frogs really pass serious and considered judgement on important criminal issues? Am I misunderstanding something here?
Dog Ed, Jun 26 2001

       So jurers have to come from Idaho now?
Aristotle, Jun 26 2001

       After considering this idea further, having communities of Media Hermits, would solve the social deprivation problem.
This will unfortunately leave an opportunity for Another reality TV show to go alongside; Big Brother, Castaways, shipwrecked, survivor.........
Little_Crow, Jul 05 2001

       Perhaps two countries with similar language and customs could have an agreement not to report on media events in each other's countries? Then if, say, you need a jury in the US you just call up some British jurors and vice versa?   

       Of course, there'd be a lot more guilty verdicts, but hey, justice ain't free.
Lemon, Jul 05 2001

       The problem is that laws would not be the same. For example if I was caught in posesion of a firearm I would get an american jury who would probably let me off...
RobertKidney, Jul 05 2001

       I don't think differing laws would be a problem as long as the juries are well-instructed about what their task is. It's not really the jury's job to know the law.
mrthingy, Aug 09 2001

       Well, I suppose this makes more sense than my first impression, which was that they lived in discarded seashells.
cpt kangarooski, Feb 21 2002

       Odd that no one mentioned the Amish.
phoenix, Feb 21 2002


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