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Hi-vis pyjamas

Safety first.
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Mrs AWOL describes pyjamas as "garments worn in hotels in case of fire". So, if you're going to be evacuated from a hotel because some tipsy PR girl has set off the fire alarm after one Christmas nightcap too many, what better to be seen in than fluorescent green jim-jams, with retroreflective tape-reinforced seams?
That way, when the fire brigade turns up, they won't mow you down as you stand freezing in the car-park in the wee small hours.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 30 2005

Cherie, eat yer heart out! http://www.jornada....97/05/04/contra.jpg
[po, Dec 30 2005]

Phosphorescent pyjamas Phosphorescent_20pyjamas
[hippo, Feb 16 2009]


       Mrs AWOL should be congratulated for an excellent idea. +
jonthegeologist, Dec 30 2005

       An excellent idea. A hi-vis bun for you!
hazel, Dec 30 2005

       ...and they'll go nicely with your goggles, boots and helmets.
Dub, Dec 30 2005

       If you like day-glo orange I know a state-run facility where you can get a set or two.
humanbean, Dec 30 2005

       Isnt being naked much more visible?
Antegrity, Jan 02 2006

       + The reflective coating also would probably help the firemen find you if you collapse inside while trying to get out.   

       I've never heard of 'pyjamas' as describing fire safety wear, I thought this was going to be some idea for see-through nighties and was wondering why it was so highly rated when already baked :)
paix120, Feb 15 2009

       They'd go great with your "emergency flotation device pillow" to use in case of floods.
doctorremulac3, Feb 17 2009

       Ace - straight-talking, common sense pyjamas.   

       First glances initially registered as Hi-res pyjamas - not sure what they'd be used for though, and I'm not sure I like the concept of lo-res pyjamas at all (far too scratchy)
zen_tom, Feb 17 2009

       A lovely idea, with possible uptake by the confrontationalist subset of people who wear their jammies on supermarket, off licence, and school runs, disgusting savages that they are.
calum, Jun 17 2011


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