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Hidden Glove PIN Entry

Eliminate People Seeing Your PIN
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Reading through articles on how to stop people watching people entering their PINs into ATMs, involving anything from voice recognition to retinal scanning, i thought of a much easier idea.

I propose that ATMs, instead of the keypad, could have a hole in the machine, with a glove shaped crevasse within the hole. Each 'finger' of the glove would have a certain number(ie 1-5) and when pressed downwards would enter the number selected (to use all 10 digits maybe 2 gloves hole things could be used). This PIN entry system is simple, but would be impossible to see to others, and still easy to use. Should work, I think!

chard, Dec 01 2002


       The whole point of the PIN is that it is a soft key to go along with the hard key on the swipe card (so if the hard key is stolen, it is useless without the soft key). You are just adding another hard key that can be stolen.   

       I still believe that the best replacement for PINs is fingerprint IDs.   

       The second best solution is to randomize the order of the numbers on the display.
DrCurry, Dec 01 2002

       Dr Curry, how can this be stolen? Are you suggesting that people will start stealing the keypads of ATMs? In practice this kind of entry is just a keypad, but not visible to others. You seem to have completely missed the concept of this idea.
chard, Dec 01 2002

       DrC: how do you steal a hole?
Parvenu, Dec 01 2002

       I'd make 2 revisions:
Center the keybad; not everyone is right-handed
No hole; vertical plates at sides with plenty of room for hand movement - kind of like this:
[_ # _] (looking down at keypad <keypad = #>)
This prevents insertion of objects/contaminants into glove to concern users.
Allows users to use keypad pretty much as they always have, yet with greater control over blocking side views (smaller area to cover)
Allows entry of code without taking more time than necessary to enter code - particularly those users who rely on "letter" entry.
thumbwax, Dec 01 2002

       I can see problems arising when objects not resembling hands are deposited into the holes by the pond-life.
Le Champ, Dec 01 2002

       what about disgruntled people who put gum or snot inside the fingers though? not too sanitary, transmission of germs virus' of the eye, warts?   

       maybe no.   

       peace, dylan
dylanlouis, Jun 24 2003

       wear rubber gloves, Dylan. Peace man, V - ommmm
po, Jun 24 2003

       I've been stealing holes my entire life! You've just never noticed, because I always leave half a hole behind.   

Overpanic, Jun 24 2003

       Good idea, except their is a legal mandate that ATMs be handicapp accessible, and this includes hand disability.   

       I don't think an arthritic person could use your system.
xylene, Oct 14 2003


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