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Hieroglyph Coloring Scroll

signs of the times
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In an effort to infuse pride and understanding of Egypt’s history and culture and to counteract the influence of religious fanatics, the government is sponsoring a line of hieroglyphic materials. The hieroglyph coloring scroll is printed on durable papyrus and comes with 32 beeswax crayons. For the men, an adult scroll is available featuring a scroll-out, unveiled Miss Nile Flood in the classical, walking, shoulders-forward pose. A women’s scroll is also in production with revealing hieroglyphs exposing Cleopatra frolicking with her new love, Marc Antony, at the seaside in Alexandria. To occupy and challenge the older kids, take home the Great Pyramid Kit with its 23,000,000 Lego blocks.
FarmerJohn, Jun 23 2002


       I would by the Lego kit!
benlevi7, May 01 2003


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