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High-Beam Discourager

Inspired by Archimedes Mirror
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The area around the front and rear windows are fitted with two or more small cameras, and surrounded by small aim-able mirrors; all connected to a control box that can analyze the image returned by the cameras and aim the mirrors.

When a vehicle either ahead of you or coming up from behind has it's high-beams on, the image analyzer determines exactly where that driver's face is. Then the control unit swivels each mirror exactly the right amount to reflect back into their eyes. Continual tracking and mirror adjustments ensures the reflection stays on target.

Optional add-on kit includes concealed lasers to provide an extra dazzling effect, along with a pair of safety glasses for the owner to avoid blinding themselves.

Disclaimer: Please check all local traffic and vehicle laws before misusing this equipment.

a1, Nov 16 2023

And in broad daylight, just use the sun https://en.wikipedi...himedes%27_heat_ray
You can annoy people even if they AREN'T using their brights [a1, Nov 16 2023]


       It'll get used on a cop exactly ONCE before it gets banned.
21 Quest, Nov 16 2023

       That's why I included the disclaimer. If you get caught it's on you, not me.
a1, Nov 16 2023

       I'd considered using a hopped-up camera flash, with a cheerful little twinkling light to attract the offenders attention, that would flash like a sun supernova thus blinding them long enough for them to crash into something hard.   

       But your idea sounds like more fun [+]
whatrock, Nov 16 2023

       (+) I don't mind oncoming high beams as much as coming from behind.
I've gotten rather good at aiming both of the side mirrors to reflect back at the following driver and rarely need to start tipping up the rear view before they clue in.
I'm pretty sure there are no laws against setting your own mirrors so as not to be blinded. That they happen to be reflecting someones light is of no consequence.

       //I'm pretty sure there are no laws against setting your own mirrors so as not to be blinded.//   

       and MORE mirrors must be safer, right?
bs0u0155, Nov 16 2023

       I've been thinking about this sort of thing recently. I live in Sweden and recently hit a deer, which I believe is a prerequisite for becoming a citizen. Anyway, there seems to be a difference in etiquette here. In England, you dip your main beam when you see light from a car about to come round the corner. Here, you go round the corner, blind the oncoming car, then dip. Rant over, idea follows.
marklar, Nov 16 2023

       Could this be a Pokémon Go type of thing, where you were able to capture beamers? It would inevitably be something that the offenders were oblivious to, but conscientious drivers could enjoy accruing points. Habitual beamers would be highlighted in your game, through some sort or Google and Apple know who you are cookie scientology.
marklar, Nov 16 2023

       I’d vote for it but I don’t want to blind the idiot with the high-beams on and put myself in danger. What about a flashing holographic display that quickly says BRIGHTS! In the middle space between you and the offender. Mounted on the roof it can sense and shoot the image 360.°   

       As a motorcyclist I could flip the bird but I need something for the car.
minoradjustments, Nov 18 2023

       // hologram that says BRIGHTS //   

       A police car image, flashing lights included , would be more effective. I have another halfbaked idea for a related purpose - almost baked in reality - and may post it here or somewhere else after I've tested a prototype.
a1, Nov 18 2023


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