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Hockey Puck With 10 Foot Trailing Chain

Should be interesting.
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The game's the same, but how do you deal with that chain? Stomp it with your skate when it's on the way into your net? Sure. Try to wrap it around the opponent's skates to trip him? There's an idea. You'd have to avoid it while traveling with it, that would be challenging.

Since it would fly around wildly and unpredictably every time the puck was hit the players would have to jump to avoid it which would add something to the game.

Fairly easy to do:

1- Get a hockey puck.

2- Attach a chain to it.

3- Get two hockey teams to try it out.

I'm guessing that being competitive sports guys they'd be up to checking out the challenge. Might become a thing.

Call it the chain of death.

If that's too brutal you could use a rope I guess.

Easier to see the puck on TV too.

doctorremulac3, Jan 07 2019

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       sp: hockey... but don't let that stop you.   

       LIke a 3D mid '90s Fox network 'comet puck' effect, but with more mayhem and destruction.
Sgt Teacup, Jan 07 2019

       Real Men would use chainsaw chain, thus producing a “Blood Rink” over the course of the game.
Whistlebritches, Jan 07 2019

       //sp: hockey... but don't let that stop you.//   

       As you can see, it was correctly spelled in the rest of the post. Not a misspelling, simply missed the key in my haste.   

       I demand a retrial.
doctorremulac3, Jan 07 2019

       Why stop with one puck? A manriki careening along the ice or towards the goalie's neck would make for an exciting game...
RayfordSteele, Jan 07 2019

       Sp. Careering.   

       "Careening" is when you turn a ship on its side to give its bottom a good scrub.   

       I suppose the careering manriki might careen the goalkeeper in a manner of speaking, if he's not fast on his feet.
pertinax, Jan 09 2019

Voice, Jan 09 2019

       //the careering manriki might careen the goalkeeper//

Surely "the careering manriki might careen the mankini-wearing goalkeeper" - ?
hippo, Jan 09 2019

       I speak North American, where careening is the appropriate word choice, despite what some tribe on a funny little island thinks.
RayfordSteele, Jan 09 2019

       You know, a strong ribbon might be just as destructive as far as tangling in skates and hockey sticks.   

       Someting about the chain though. More dangerous= better.
doctorremulac3, Jan 10 2019

       Link's broken Big. At least for me.
doctorremulac3, Jan 11 2019


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