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Globetrotters on Ice

Novelty hockey team
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Hockey is a more relevent sport for kids than basketball, baseball and football now. It is extreme and they identify with the uniform style and it is a natural extension of rollerblading.

Assemble a trick novelty team of hockey players that travel the world and amaze young crowds with their antics in exhibition games. The shows would be amped up with cool music and pyrotechnics.

More fun than Barney on ice.

wombat, Oct 30 2003


       Although hockey would probably lend itself better to championship wrestling. "Oh... they've got that purple dinosaur stuffed into the goal... and Bad News Barishnikov with the slapshot!"
RayfordSteele, Oct 30 2003

       I just had an idea for "Mike Tyson on Ice" ... but probably not suitable for younger audiences
Letsbuildafort, Oct 30 2003

       I think you're on to something, [wombat]. I give you a toothless bun, although today (halloween) it'll look like fish. +
k_sra, Oct 31 2003

       wombat - it is far far easier for a kid to pickup a $10 basketball and walk to a public court/playground than it is to get all that hockey gear and get a ride to an ice rink where they have to pay to use it... nonetheless, i like the idea.
luecke, Oct 31 2003


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