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Hold Cam

Snoop on the people who are answering your calls
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I hate being on hold on the phone, especially when trying to call a government agency or a cozy company with no competition. I've seen employees at the local Department of Motor Vehicles that wouldn't last a day in the private sector, and I get very annoyed that not every service is available online or through an automated system. It would be nice to have a webcam to see how "busy" these people really are. It might make me feel sorry for them if they're overworked.
kevinthenerd, Jun 08 2012

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       Short version: nobody could be arsed to install cameras without benefit to themselves.
AusCan531, Jun 08 2012

       'It would be nice to have a webcam to see how "busy" these people really are'   

       I think you might see more than you bargained for... I have an undeletable memory of visiting a govt. establishment only to see one of the staff exploring his back end with a finger whilst standing talking on the phone. From the front perspective, this same individual had a red nose complete with wobbling dewdrop. It did rather spoil the curry club lunch later laid on.
Phrontistery, Jun 09 2012


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