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Holy Water Wipes

Cleaner than earthly clean, wipe that sin right out of your hair!
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Have you ever cursed a blue streak and then had someone ask you if you kiss your mother with that mouth? Now you can wipe away the guilt and kiss sweet holy mom without worrying about transferring sin-germs. Available in both the handy individual foil pack and the plastic car-sized baby wipe conainer for wiping down on your way home from...somewhere naughty. Useful for wiping hands off after touching yourself! Also anti-bacterial, just in case sin wasn't all you got all over yourself.

Admittedly not the best idea I've ever had but the name was catchy so here you go.

Voltmeter, Aug 26 2004


       Could help clean up a dusty vampire, as well.....
normzone, Aug 26 2004

       Comes with a communion kit packed in handy sacrilegious.
FarmerJohn, Aug 26 2004

       You know you've been really bad when the wipe just disintegrates at the slightest contact with your body. Ewwww, sin cooties.
Machiavelli, Aug 26 2004

RayfordSteele, Aug 26 2004

       This is great.
bristolz, Aug 26 2004

       I can't believe people still believe in this 'holy water' stuff. The idea is good but I can't help thinking you might just as well sell them a magic fairy to sprinkle away their sins with her cleansing fairy dust.   

       It's one thing to belive in god. I don't but I can understand others do - it's just all the 'clutter' that goes along with it that I'm surprised people still fall for.
dobtabulous, Aug 27 2004

       A bun, although I'd like to see a kosher version. A "beach water wipe" might also sell, for cubical dwellers.
ldischler, Aug 27 2004

       all the vampires among us have gone very quiet.
po, Aug 27 2004

       Can someone remind me -- it's been a while since sunday school-- what is the point of holy water? (other than killing vampires - I know it works for that)
brodie, Aug 27 2004

       <troll moment>Fairy dust is symbolic of spell-casting and magic. In the Disney tradition, it is used to facilitate the enactment of the goodwill of the fairy manifesting itself via the sprinkling of fairy dust.</tm>   

       Sorry, couldn't resist it.
dobtabulous, Aug 27 2004

       Oh ok, like steroids for the Holy Spirit.
brodie, Aug 27 2004

       and as a mixer for irish whiskey
etherman, Aug 27 2004

       Ha ha ha [Rayford] - I was about to type exactly that.
energy guy, Aug 27 2004

       I get a kick out of the concept I had of it as a child. I used to be convinced that there actually was REAL Holy Water which glowed golden and that there were like 4 bottles of it out there buried somewhere in Ireland and I was going to go find it and use it to heal lepers and/or fly. God I miss being six.
Voltmeter, Aug 27 2004

       I don't know why I'm typing this.
destructionism, Aug 27 2004

       Baby wipes soaked in holy water... yay.   

       Can they be used as a substitute for toilet paper?
Cats Whiskers, Aug 27 2004

       Strangely enough I can't remember any episode of Father ted involving holy water.
Cats Whiskers, Aug 27 2004

       //I'm very religious. I just sin a lot//   

       Yeah, well, smoking a lot is not a sin, stupid, but not immoral.
blissmiss, Aug 27 2004

       I'm with Rayford and Energy guy.
python, Aug 28 2004

       bwv: so, wipe yourself after sex with a holy water wipe, and you'll be sin-free. (I may be on shaky theological ground here, though, not being a Catholic.)
DrCurry, Aug 28 2004

       Boy, Volt, when you do post you post some doozies. Nice one!
krelnik, Aug 28 2004

       How else are you supposed to wash away your sins? (I didn't have a dog, but I used to keep my photos in the boxes that eucharist wafers came in, just the right size.)
DrCurry, Aug 28 2004

       [Krelnik] thanks! I just graduated from college, which was keeping me away from internet fun. I only pulled myself away for the really funky ideas.   

       [Bach] Ow! You're making my side split! Ohhh holy water douche, I'm dying!
Voltmeter, Aug 28 2004

       Good one, Volt. I can see how others would need this sort of thing. +.
lintkeeper2, Aug 29 2004

       "Holy Water Wipes Plus: Now more consentrated consecration. For those really BIG sins (example: Oh No!, I ran over a group of nuns with a car I stole from a satanist!!!)"
MrDaliLlama, Aug 29 2004

       Watch out, the pope might steal this one - made me think of "1-800-CONFESS" - hey, they've got drive up churches don't they?
whatzabuzz, Aug 29 2004


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