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HomeFront PMC

For the war at home.
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The HomeFront Private Military Company is an affordable mercenary group for your own house. Depending on your economic means, they can range from the Safety package, a three man group armed with light pistols, or the Red Level package, a ten man squad armed with carbine rifles and fragmentation grenades.

Can't keep the kids in line while your at work? Subcontract the work to HomeFront as a peace-keeping force.

Neighbor's dog won't leave your lawn alone? Establish a tight perimeter, eliminating the beast before it becomes a problem.

Area crime on the rise? Authorize a search and destroy mission with a two man spread.

Contracts start at a six month minimum, and can be extended in one month increments.

notmarkflynn, Dec 17 2005


       What's new about bodyguards and private security forces?
jurist, Dec 17 2005

       Okay, then go find one that wants to guard your apartment.   

       Now go find one that isn't a few friends of yours with bats.
notmarkflynn, Dec 17 2005


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