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Home Lifeboat

Don't leave home without it !
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Standing ready in its cradle over the driveway, accessible from the second floor or roof (other options available), the home-lifeboat ensures that, whether you live in Calgary or Toronto, or anywhere along the Mississippi, you won't be featured on YouTube sitting on your front porch, up to your shoulders in floodwaters, looking sad.

When it's not being used as a refuge for household, 50" plasma TV and family-swarovskis, the lifeboat can serve as a kids' playroom, mother-in-law suite or home office, complete with mini-fridge, hotplate and inflatable furniture (basic model). The built-in 2kw generator, which powers the trawling motor in stressful times, can serve as a backup generator for the home during power outages, regardless of the cause. (Installation extra).

Act now and receive, not one !, not two !!, but three !!! automobile flotation devices complete with patented hitching mechanism to attach them to the Home Lifeboat.

FlyingToaster, Jul 10 2013

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       [+] Although I live on huge hill I've had dreams of the ocean coming all the way up there! I would like a Noah's Ark option for bringing some animals along and of course my cat!
xandram, Jul 10 2013

       [+] if the boat comes optional as a Titanic-era 24' whaler on cast iron swinging davits.
Alterother, Jul 10 2013

       Yup, that's one of the options, though we like to expound on the virtues of the cabin model.   

       [xandram] while none of the original models were designed as floating zoos we do have a "meters to cubits" calculator in case you want a custom job or have some inside info from upstairs.   

       There's also the Polaris line (nuclear power plant not included).
FlyingToaster, Jul 10 2013

       // Don't leave home without it ! //   

       Don't you mean " Don't STAY home without it!"
scad mientist, Jul 11 2013

       Up to the client of course. Thought of it after the Calgary flood and posted it after the Toronto flash a couple days ago.   

       I'm taking bets as to whether or not you'll get a break on insurance and land taxes for having a boat hanging off the side of the house, even if you live in the middle of the continent.
FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2013

       // having a boat hanging off the side of the house //   

       On davits ... outside an upstairs window. That would be mega cool. [+]
8th of 7, Jul 18 2013


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