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Home Slippery Home

looking around
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In the middle of my nicely landscaped property I laid a perfectly level, circular track with soft sand between the rails. Above the track on train wheels I built a cozy cottage. One side of the sheet metal roof extends all the way down to the sand. On an adjacent side a ladder goes up to the roof.

All day neighbor kids climb the ladder and slide down the roof, each giving my abode a small shove. I sit inside behind the picture window enjoying a constantly changing view of the butterfly garden, the bonsai grove, the crayfish pond, the gnome village…

FarmerJohn, Apr 05 2005

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       I propose a contest between VVFman and HBman to see which one would make the house slide the farthest.   

       Nice imagery once again.
zeno, Apr 05 2005

       Is there banana oil on the leeward side of the lovely cottage?
moPuddin, Apr 06 2005

       I'll make sure to visit [John] during tornado season. Sounds like a wild ride.
Worldgineer, Apr 06 2005

       And thank you, Farmer, for allowing us the sight, and the subtle movement, of your life. We are always blessed with that. (Could you please give your son, and daughter, I believe, a half-huggery, from all of us?)   

       I have no idea what it must be like, nor does my daughter, to have a parent, who is not full of health. (Uh, we are talking physical health, not mental, right? Otherwise I get the statue and prize money.)   

       Your neighbors' kids are very, very lucky. You probably have all kinds of halfbaked, half done, thingys in your perfectly landscaped backyard   

       Riding mowers, that you actually sit atop a horse and steer, harnessed to the bit in their mouth, as the mower leads the horse down perfectly placed rows.   

       Barn door path beaters, a combo tiller, baler, and fish bowl entertainment system. Not for you, for the fish. Think of the excitement of a beta, watching a horse, using a lawn mower, while a human sits humming a catfish song, and can hear in the distance the joy of the neighborhood, and sees in the rear view mirror of his horse drawn beater, a man who looks a lot like a certain Mr. Bradbury.
blissmiss, Apr 06 2005

       Wow, now that's imagery.
FarmerJohn, Apr 06 2005

       good for you FJ, I hope there aren't many breakables in your scooting house. Love the slide image , and would welcome the neighborhood kids, but I draw the line at shaking and moving the house.
dentworth, Apr 06 2005

       [zeno], if VFFman was "very fast falling man", I'm guessing that VVFman is "very very fat man" and placing my bet accordingly.
david_scothern, Apr 06 2005


       he he, typing error, no strike that, VVF man is the mentor of VFF man.
zeno, Apr 06 2005

       The image of the moving house prompted nightmares of the episode of "Pete and Pete" in which Arnie, the strongest man in the world, moved a house 1 inch to the left (he hurt his back doing it, so it only moved that far), causing the house owner to miss the door lock with his key every time he got home. Which prompted me to write a run-on sentence.
moPuddin, Apr 07 2005


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