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Homesound space-shift stream

Feel at home, away from home
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1. Install microphones in one or more rooms to record live high quality stereo background sound of your house. 2. Set up a server to convert the sound to one or more live audio streams on-line 3. When away from home, connect your laptop to internet and play the live stream to your headphone. 4. Optional: delay timing of the stream to compensate for time zone differences. 5. Optional: offline version: a collection of recordings in mp3 of AAC format of every room in your house. 6. Not recommended for security applications or spying on your spouse.
Ehrm, Nov 03 2006

TV2me http://www.tv2me.com
Same, but not the same - space-shifting for TV. [Ehrm, Nov 03 2006]


Chefboyrbored, Nov 03 2006

       baked my butt.
zeno, Nov 05 2006


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