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Honey Drops

Geletin capsule (or other clear edible container) filled with Honey as a sweetner
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I like to sweeten my tee with honey. When I order tea at a diner it is sometimes difficult to get honey. It is not convienent to carry a jar of honey around with me.

I envision these honey drops as little pea-sized honey filled spheres that can sit on your home shelf, or at the diner, and not get everything sticky.

This is a terrible discriptionary tale, but I'm not in the mood to be funny, witty, poetic or to spell and use grammer precisely.....It's about the honey. Not me.

macncheesy, Nov 26 2004

Previous mention of this by [iuvare] http:Sweet_20Tea_20Bags
"Personally, I'd like a self-dissolving honey capsule located inside the tea-bag." [jutta, Nov 26 2004]

Honey Ants http://www.sasionli...oneyants/honey.html
'little pea size honey spheres.." [ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 27 2004]

Honey Ants - great photo http://www.myrmecos...ae/MyrmecoMex4.html
A captive colony of the critters in California [ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 27 2004]

Honey Stix http://www.wyomingn...l?target=Honey.html
[Klaatu, Nov 28 2004]

Honey Crystals http://www.prepared...VIEWPROD&ProdID=522
Balls of honey as sweetener [nihilo, May 26 2006]

Momints http://www.momints.net/
Minty liquid in a dissolvable tiny sphere [macncheesy, May 22 2007]

Honibe Honey Drops http://www.honibe.c...ibe_honey_drop.html
No capsule necessary, just dried honey in a little single-serving bag. [jutta, Mar 13 2008]


       "Honey's off, dear"
po, Nov 26 2004

       kindda like cod liver tablets? but not quite. [+]
etherman, Nov 26 2004

       I can drop 'em on my peanut butter sandwich.
FarmerJohn, Nov 26 2004

       I used to think my Grandmother's clear vitamin E capsules looked good enough to eat. Now, a similar form that I really can eat. I like it.
tchaikovsky, Nov 26 2004

       Some types of ants have beaten us to this idea by several million years [link]
ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 27 2004

       I'm positive this is baked. I've seen packets of honey "beads" before.   

       Or maybe they were amber beads. One never can remember.
nihilo, May 26 2006

       Like the new link to "momints.net", but filled with Honey instead of minty freshness.
macncheesy, May 22 2007

       Packaged Central Australian honey ants would do nicely, except they'd add a slightly bitter formic acid aftertaste
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 07 2007

       This is a very good idea, but one question; what happens to the gelatin when it dissolves?
mecotterill, Feb 09 2008

       Hard to believe they don't have this already.
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2008

       A very close idea is already in common use...they are the little packets of honey that are with the jelly packets on tables in restaurants. I always keep several in my glove box to smear on french frys (chips) when I order a burger and frys...hey, don't be overly critical until you have tried it...honey on chips is great...also try mixing the honey with catsup, then dipping the chips...My Goodness, they are wonderful that way.   

       although, I must warn you I also enjoy strawberry jam, mayo and bologna sandwiches. I just enjoy the sweet and sour flavors together.   

       I could just as well open a packet for my tea were I in Britian.   

       But, I really like the idea of dissolving honey capsules. This idea should be valuable to someone.
Blisterbob, Feb 11 2008

       [mecotterill] -What do you mean "what happens to the geletin" when it dissolves? The tiny bit that it is is dissolved in your tea or whathaveyou and you drink it. Tasteless essentially.
macncheesy, Feb 18 2008


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