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Hoodie Muff-phone Hood Neck-pillow

Hearing protection/ enhancement for the inside of a hoodie hood
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Jackhammer headphones with earphones stuffed insidesmar protect against loud noises, allow for focused concentration, enable audiobook reading in a loud environment, look cool, and warn others that there might be a plane landing nearby in the near future. What they don't do is, feel good on your ears if you wear them for a few hours, enhance your hearing, allow you to escape detection if you are dealing drugs, allow you sleep sitting up on a plane. piss off older people, and hang conveniently down your back when not in use.

Enter the hoodie muff-phone hood neck-pillow, an all-in-one device that combines convex directional hearing enhancing bowls, spacious padding, a neck pillow, sound proofing, and a sound system, all built into the hood of your average hoodie hood.

JesusHChrist, Mar 21 2015




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