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Hornet Farm

Learn about nature the hard way
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A little glass box with sand so you can watch hornets build their colony and dig tunnels in the sand. There could even be a certificate in the box giving you one vote for when they choose their queen. (You have to send away to Uncle Milt for the hornets and Queen applicants.)
phunklerot, Aug 25 2000

The Onion: Ant Farm http://www.theonion...n3621/ant_farm.html
[Monkfish, Aug 25 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Wasp Vacuum http://www.halfbake.../idea/Wasp_20Vacuum
[LoriZ, Oct 17 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Makes a great gift.
thumbwax, Sep 16 2000

       It could come with a little syringe full of adrenalin to counter the anaphylactic shock when you get stung.   

       Fun for all the family...
Haemavore, Sep 24 2000

       "Will the hornets discover the Hornetarium™'s secret passage? Will they learn how to operate the tiny levers that lie at the end of the Hornetarium™'s secret passage? Will they work out which combination of lever presses sets them free? Small parts - not for children under three years of age."
hippo, Sep 25 2000

       The window hive sounds cool. I wish we had one in our school. But then again our school is really cheap so they'd probably all escape or die or something.   

       Maybe I could train them to be my secret army and feed them special chemicals to make them grow to giant size...
chud, Oct 26 2000

       Phunklerot obviously writes for Saturday Night Live. Maybe that's why I like this idea so much. You could advertise them in the back of such Kiddie Komix as "Ritchie Rich" and draw a little Queen Bee with pearls and a vacuum cleaner and a Dad Bee reading the paper, and Junior with...wait. That was Sea Monkeys.
rachele, Dec 02 2000

       My dad and I once raided a hornet's nest with a vacuum cleaner. Took the better part of a day. Used a shop vac with about a ten foot rigid piece on the end of the hose, with the cone thing on the end. Placed it near the entrance to the hive, which was a little hole in a brick wall, and got returning insects on the way in, as well as ones leaving.
LoriZ, Oct 10 2001

       So what did you do with ten gallons of pissed off yellowjackets then?
StarChaser, Oct 12 2001

       I remember reading a story about a woman in Germany who used a vacuum cleaner to deal with a wasps' nest. They were still buzzing inside the vacuum cleaner, so she held it over the un-lit gas stove until the buzzing stopped. She then switched the vacuum cleaner on again and blew her apartment up.
angel, Oct 12 2001

       hold on...let me stop crying...*gasp*...
1MilesWest2, Oct 31 2001

       youd have to leave the vacuum running or the live ones would just fly back out the tube or if you removed the bag/filters then they would either get mashed by the fan or fired out the back at high speed
chud, Jan 27 2002

       -chud "Jan. 27 2002" ?   


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