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Paramecium Farm

Feed them, dress them, watch them grow!
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Parents.. tired of buying little Johnny hampster after blessed hampster only to watch them die of neglect? Tired of cleaning out cages, siphoning out tanks or just plain walking the dog?

ParaPlus introduces the no-work pet that you and your children can finally agree on! A classy and low maitanence Paramecium farm!

Yes, with our patented process.. the microscopic contents of an ordinary glass of tapwater can now become your child's new best friend.

The process is simple:

Funloving, sporting Paramecium are cavorting about every square inch of liquid on this planet. The walls of your new P-Farm are made out of powerful magnifying lenses so, when you pour a full glass of water into the tank, your, usually invisable, protozoan neighbours appear to grow to the size of very small voles. By feeding your P-Pals a special growth formula you can increase their size but also dye their transparent bodies to a variety of shades such as pink, cilantro, and turquoise.

Replacing lost P's that have travelled over the "Rainbow Bridge" is a snap. Just add more water!

When I figure out how to post pics and Urls here.. my full scale P-Farm diagram will be forthcoming. :)

ionsfromzion, Sep 21 2006

Protozoa movies http://micro.magnet...ramecium/index.html
Get your proto's movin [ionsfromzion, Sep 21 2006]

AlternativeHampster http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Hampster_Dance
[ionsfromzion, Sep 23 2006]


       You have paramecia in your tap water? Remind me to drink nothing but beer if I visit you.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 21 2006

       Isn't this called the office fridge? Oh, wait, I'm thinking of a fungus farm.
DrCurry, Sep 21 2006

       Hey! Welcome. Like the idea v. much. If you're about to get your first tat, how about getting some o' these paramecium fellas tattooed and giving interested parties a magnifying glass to view them.
squeak, Sep 22 2006

       LOL.. thanks for the welcome everyone! I think that the P-Farm would be much more interesting than boring old "Sea Monkey" shrimp brine.. I mean come on... you get your very own single celled organisms dyed to match your home decor and you can replace them for FREE!   

       I used to love watching these guys frolic under the microscope.. it was always so sad when we washed them back down the drain. :( As an aside, the folks at work called me back to look at some ear mites under the microscope the other day and they looked so happy picknicking on their wax.. with their little legs waving in the air.. I mentioned that we should start a mite sanctuary but for some reason nobody seemed really interested. :)   

       Tattoo has been accomplished! I somehow never thought about getting a P done on me lol. I guess it's enough to know that they are swimming through my bath water. :)
ionsfromzion, Sep 23 2006

       Nice idea. [+]   

       (Sp. 'hamster')
imaginality, Sep 23 2006

       Oh, sure, it may be spelled "hamster" NOW but soon, soon, the day will come when the P will regain it's rightful place and the hampster will reign again!
ionsfromzion, Sep 23 2006

       How udderly gauling! lol. I have some friends who visited that sea. Moss and Al Gea. They spent most of their time sitting on a rock and lichen it. :O
ionsfromzion, Sep 25 2006

       Miniature, Easier maintenance sea monkeys FTW! [+]
xxobot, Mar 03 2009


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