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Horse Harp National

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"The key to properly bitting any horse is to find the mouthpiece the horse can relax into with the hands that are holding that horse"

Encapsulated harmonicas or any other variety of reed instrument embedded within the bits.

Horses hoof it with jockeys intact.

With the jockeys headphones firmly intact, as they and their speedy, spirited steeds gallop around the track, the inhale and exhale from below is screaming through the headphones delivering a 12 chord harmonic, distressing turbulence.

First one to withstand 3 laps wins.

skinflaps, Feb 03 2005

For [FJ] http://www.pzweifel.../traviata_notes.htm
Oh, you said "horse". [Worldgineer, Feb 03 2005]

My money's on Blues Traveller http://eservices.tu...orsename=MISS+BLUES
[Worldgineer, Feb 03 2005]


       Horse opera?
FarmerJohn, Feb 03 2005

       I wonder if there's a way to get horses to do ballet.
Machiavelli, Feb 03 2005

       Dressage comes close, sorta'.
bristolz, Feb 03 2005

       I've seen dressage at the upper levels that was as good as ballet.   

       I like this, but instead of headphones it should radio the signal to a loudspeaker.   

       Where's [Susen] when we need her ?
normzone, Feb 03 2005

       [norm] If you signalled through loudspeakers, we could see how many spectators could endure 3 laps.
skinflaps, Feb 04 2005


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