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Light activated robot vermin

Hilarity ensues!
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What could be better than turning on the lights and discovering a slew of small dark things on the floor scurrying for cover? Witnessing your coworker or loved one make that discovery! Now you can bring that brand of joy without the risk that those small dark things on the floor might eat your pork rinds or give you hantavirus.

Introducing LARV! One of the BUNGCO interns fitted a mechanical tribble with the light sensor from a nightlight. The critter was essentially invisible until the lights went on, then began scurrying around quickly and aimlessly. With all the screaming and swatting, a star was born. The Light Activated Robot Vermin line now includes tribble, roach, rat, mouse (with big Precious Moments eyes!), schnauzer and tarantula (with jiggly rubber legs!). All the LARVs are robust enough to withstand a swat or kick and keep coming back for more. Order yours today and make the world a better place.

bungston, Oct 22 2008

Box o' cockroaches Box_20o_27_20cockroaches
Light activated biological vermin [phoenix, Oct 22 2008]


       We'll take two gross of the Robot Chinchillas, and a side order of Sydney Funnel Web Spiders. [+]   


       You really don't want to mess with Tribbles, [bungs}, they're no end of trouble ....   

8th of 7, Oct 22 2008

       + on the condition that the vermin can be optionally set to scurry and hide.
It's true that Tribbles may cause problems. Especially around Kingons. Tribbles hate Klingons.
Amos Kito, Oct 23 2008


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