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Horse Racing Treadmill

Urban Horse Racing
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This is a design for a smaller horse racing track, perfect for winter as it can fit indoors. Imagine 10 Treadmills, about 100 feet long, and 6 feet wide, lying beside each other. Each treadmill, is motorised, and computer controlled. Once the horses leave the gate, they hit their individual treadmills, and run as fast as the jockey can get them to run. All treadmills run at the same speed, but the speed is adjusted continuously to ensure that the fastest horse does not run off the the end of the track before the race ends. When the appropriate distance is deemed to have been covered, the mills stop, and the horses run off to the finish line.
senatorjam, Dec 04 2006

Swim meets? http://www.horsetreadmills.com/
[normzone, Dec 05 2006]

Keep on treading... http://www.google.c...rights=&safe=images
[normzone, Dec 05 2006]


       How would you know who won?
bungston, Dec 04 2006

       whilst not used for racing, horse treadmills do exist already in equine hospitals.
jonthegeologist, Dec 05 2006

       I've ridden enough horses that I choose not to imagine this. Train wreck waiting to happen, albeit you can train horses to do just about anything.
normzone, Dec 05 2006


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