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Hot Milk Organ

Ideal for lullabies
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The more observant of you will have noticed that if you tap a mug of cold milk with a spoon, it goes "plink", whereas a mug of hot milk goes "clunk". This is because (for reasons I have yet to discern) hot milk has a lower resonanant frequency than cold milk. I expect it's something to do with viscosity.

From experiment I believe it should be possible to use temperature to tune the milk within a range of about an octave, enough to perform a simple piece of music. The organ itself is comprised of thirteen thermostatically controlled electric heating elements that hang from a rack into thirteen mugs of milk below. The are positioned in the same manner as a standard piano keyboard and tuning is achieved by large bakelite thermostat knobs mounted above each element. The mugs themselves are played with a pair of shiny new teaspoons (supplied).

Girls can buy two and invite men home to play with their pair of hot milk organs. Although I very much doubt that they will.

wagster, Nov 17 2005

Bottle Organ http://www.peterson.../news/bbo/index.cfm
A similar sort of concept but not as warm. [DrBob, Nov 17 2005]

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       //Girls can buy two and invite men home to play with their pair of hot milk organs// Putting the 'ho' into 'Horlicks'.
coprocephalous, Nov 17 2005

       "Milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner music's made"
skinflaps, Nov 17 2005

       Couldn't resist could ya Ian?
skinflaps, Nov 17 2005

       I think you are all just being titillating
po, Nov 17 2005


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