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Heat Organ

Tuned Rijke Tubes
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A Rijke tube is an early form of thermoacoustic engine. It uses the temperature differential between a heated piece of metal gauze in a tube, and the air rising through the tube, to generate sound. The wavelength of the sound generated is twice the length of the tube.

The parts of the organ are as follows:

A set of tubes, whose lengths are selected to produce an appropriate assortment of musical notes.

Pieces of wire gauze/mesh inside the tubes.

A heat source for each piece of wire gauze. The heat could be supplied by running electricity through the gauze, or by providing the heat from the outside, using a flame.

A keyboard.

A flap on top of each tube; each flap is connected to one key on the keyboard. When the key isn't pressed, the flap is down, preventing the upward flow of air through the tube. With no flow of air, no sound is produced.

Earplugs... for the musician. The audience can simply sit far enough away that volume of the sound isn't painful.

goldbb, Apr 21 2009

(?) Thermoacoustic Engine http://www.io.com/~frg/taceng.htm
As above. [skinflaps, Apr 28 2009]


       (+) The band is almost complete.   

       Nice ! [+]
batou, Apr 23 2009

       Plus, I can think of two majorly different ways to design it.   

       First, using steampunk style components and styling, and fire heated tubes. 'Nuff said.   

       Second, using pyrex glass tubes, each on it's own stand, and a bank of moderatly powerful lasers on another stand; each laser would be on a lockable ball and socket mount, and would be adjusted before each performance to be aimed at the gauze in one particular tube. The laser bank would be controlled by a midi interface.   

       Underneath each glass tube would be a bowl of dry ice and water, replenished before each performance. Additional fog generators would be aesthetically placed through the performance area in such a way that they make visible the beams of laser light.
goldbb, Apr 27 2009

       //Heat organ// Yeah baby.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 27 2009

       really good!!! buns gallore.
fishboner, Apr 28 2009

       Matteucci Medal-music.   

skinflaps, Apr 28 2009


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