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Hot Mitts

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Like any other regular gloves, but they come with a plastic slide that clips on to your car heater vents. This fits inside the glove and holds it open in front of the vent to allow warm air to circulate inside your gloves and warm them up or dry them out. Nice and toasty for when you arrive.
Mr Burns, Jan 27 2004

Hand Warmers http://www.sportsen...h/Ski_Hand_Warmers/
[theircompetitor, Oct 05 2004]

Heated Gloves http://www.heated-m...g.co.uk/gloves.html
these should help keep your hands warm when you leave your car. And if your car has crappy heating and your hands freeze to your steering wheel. [babyhawk, Oct 05 2004]

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       <shakes hand with warm mitt!>   

       do they wave at you as you drive along?
po, Jan 27 2004

       <link>, similar, but it doesn't dry them out on your heater vent.. Ok, so they are not what you are saying but would work to keep your hands warm. :)
babyhawk, Jan 27 2004

       I think this could help with the very real problem of coldhandedness caused by the unsavory associations of the word muff.
kropotkin, Jan 27 2004

       Warm hands, warm croissants. So good to see you again, [Mr Burns]!
Letsbuildafort, Feb 09 2004


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