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House Plant Halfway House

(formerly House Plant Home) A nice new Ikea cactus without the guilt of a homeless dying Yukka
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House plants have a strange level of control over our emotions. We all have ungainly or unmodern house plants that we would like to 'get rid of' but don't have the heart to leave them out by the rubbish to die. (In fact I have even foolishly saved other peoples outcasts from the frost and snow). The House Plant Home would allow one to drop off ones unwanted houseplant safe in the knowledge that it would be re-homed, to those less houseplant-fortunate than onesself.
Alternatively : House Plant Hits
One simple call to House Plant Hits and you will find on returning to your home that your plant 'problem' has mysteriously disapeared.
nichpo, Sep 15 2003

HB - search "rent" http://www.halfbake...archexpression=rent
[Laughs Last, Oct 04 2004]

things-not-yet-for-rent http://www.halfbake...ia_20library_2fclub
Borrow items not found elsewhere for loaning or rent. [Laughs Last, Oct 04 2004]

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       [nichpo] I suggest you add the other idea to the bottom of this one as an afterthought. this is a nice idea, in fact a plant hospital is probably baked somewhere. a really nice idea. +1
po, Sep 15 2003

       A house plant halfway house. I like it. What makes a plant "unmodern"?
Laughs Last, Sep 15 2003

       Oh alwight [po] as you were so complimentory I'll move it. Ta da !
nichpo, Sep 16 2003

       [LL] Plants hopelessly caught in the 70s like cheese plants and spider plants, though I think spider plants are making a come back due to their toxic substance absorbing properties. BTW I like your name much better can I steal it ?
nichpo, Sep 16 2003

       [nichpo], take it if you want it.
Laughs Last, Sep 17 2003

       Or a plant orphanage. Prospective plant owners could adopt a plant of their choosing.
jivetalkinrobot, Sep 17 2003

       HB is full of ideas to have less permanent ownership of stuff and things. There are dozens of ideas to rent, lease, sell, dispose, trade, etc., things such as a coffins, corpses, dentures, donkeys, dogs, families, affection, gravity, bitches, chem labs, luggage, stuff-not-yet-for-rent, boats, computers, kids, pets, uniforms, muggers, goats, and now house plants. Can a database attain (zen) Zero Mind? And if it did, would it still want houseplants?
Laughs Last, Sep 17 2003

       Thanks [LL] changing name ....
nichpo, Sep 18 2003


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