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Hover Reporter

UAV's with two way communication for news gathering
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Traffic was blocked off for a five block radius from the accident. Ngozi was the reporter on duty. "How do I get a scoop" he thought? Then he remembered he had the remote powered helicopter in the back of the car, and he also, quite by chance, had his girlfriend's phone in car also. Quickly, he wired the phone to the undercarriage of the copter, dialed his phone, and started a video call, giving thanks for 4G service. Within minuted, the chopper had gotten to the site of the accident, and Ngozi was even able to find a police officer willing to give an interview. On, the way back to the office, he began thinking how to construct a guard for the blades.
senatorjam, Oct 02 2010

(?) Suitable model http://www.unicraft.../dragon-warrior.htm
This would work well in Libya [senatorjam, Mar 17 2011]

Datron Scout - UAV reconnnaisance with the stability of four rotors http://www.gizmag.c...-4&utm_medium=email
[senatorjam, Jun 22 2011]

Hexacopters come to BBC news http://www.redshark...rs-come-to-bbc-news
Time, just time [senatorjam, Jan 10 2014]


       Already partially Baked.
8th of 7, Oct 02 2010

       "Damn!" said Ngozi. "No service!" before he could bring the helicopter back, it spiraled out of control and fell into the burning wreck on the street, taking his girlfriend's $300 phone with it.
DrWorm, Oct 02 2010

       Now for sale in toy department a Wal-mart. Your cell phone likely is more expensive than the drone. Times change.
popbottle, Feb 04 2017


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