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How to Draw: building blocks

And other elementary shapes
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This How to Draw feature would be found among the riddles and edifying games in the Sunday comics. Instead of beginning with simple forms and adding details, the budding artist would be shown how one removes extraneous features and structures to arrive at a minimalist drawing with only the most significant and pleasing lines left.

As shown below, one learns to draw building blocks by first starting with a detailed sketch of a city skyline. Next, erase all details such as clouds, birds, windows and antennas. Finally straighten and highlight the building outlines to produce a lovely drawing of wooden building blocks.

Next week’s lesson will show how to draw a bunch of balloons, starting with a family portrait.

FarmerJohn, Apr 03 2005

buildings to blocks http://www.geocitie....html?1112564777906
[FarmerJohn, Apr 03 2005]


       Oh yes.
AfroAssault, Apr 03 2005

po, Apr 03 2005

       a good idea indeed. i used to tutor an elderly man in his early 70's who had retired and had decided to do an art course in adult education. he had previously been a civil servant all his life and the concept of drawing and especially seeing spacially proved almost impossible for him to understand.   

       part of his course was to master two point perspective - something i had taken for granted assuming everyone knew how to approach it. despite countless attempts he just couldn't grasp the dimensionality of lines on paper ie hidden lines on a cube or shapes disappearing in perspective. was a totally alien concept. i'm sure the sunday comics how to draw section would help fill in the blanks.
benfrost, Apr 03 2005

       I must like this idea, or there would be a hole where I am here.
reensure, Apr 04 2005

       How to Draw: Croissants.
Vegan_Princess, Apr 04 2005


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