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How to catch Bin Laden

Ultrasonic emitters
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Since we are in Afganistan, place Ultrasonic Emitters in a grid pattern through out the country, (like cell sites, using varying frequencies) When Bin-Laden makes another home video it will record these signals, we could look for the sound frequency range we are emitting and triangulate his position, I know it would be a lagging indicator, but we could trace his movements.
skidd, Nov 29 2001


who do you mean? oh, all 'we' Americans? no.
lewisgirl, Nov 29 2001

       You place 'em and I'll trace 'em.
JAL, Nov 29 2001

       This is bad, I appear to be cyber-stalking lewisgirl again. Every time I open an idea, she's annotated it just before me.   

       Oh, OK, JAL got in there first this time.
CoolerKing, Nov 29 2001

       I don't want to be controversial, well alright then I do a bit, I don't think he is in Afghanistan at all. Probably in South London.
po, Nov 29 2001

       Why po? Did you see someone there with a video camera?
bristolz, Nov 29 2001

       we're not very observant around here - great place to hide, better than South America
po, Nov 29 2001

       Waugs, the idea is, I believe, that a network of ultrasonic emitters at various frequencies is placed, and when the sounds are recorded and the tapes shown on TV, the sounds can be decoded like '51,773mhz at intensity level 9, 69,105mhz at intensity 5, and 47,251 at 2.'; which will allow the general triangulation of the location where the videotape was recorded to be figured out. Not in realtime, but a general indication.   

       And if he stops making videos, he's been forced to react and will change the way he does things. Since the new way will be new and not polished and well hidden, it may be possible to trace it more easily.   

       I like this idea.
StarChaser, Nov 29 2001

       Aside from the whole problem of deep caves blocking or distorting the signals, there's the problem that the audio recorder of a video camera uses a low-pass filter which will filter out all ultrasonic components(as does almost all audio recording equipment). So this idea will definitely not work.   

       Using infrasound won't work either because microphones (and other parts of the recording equipment) typically have a minimum effective frequency they respond to.
pottedstu, Nov 29 2001

       Another reason this won't work is because Afgan is huge we would have to place thousands of these things through out the country, and each one would have to have a at least 20 army officers guarding each one and a supply line reaching out to each of them, other wise whats to stop the taliban from bashing these emitters with rocks.
wood2coal, Jan 24 2002

       I suggest airdropping crickets with distinctively mangled barbs. You know, the ones that they use to make noise with.   

       You can have a supply from around my home. Please.
neelandan, Jan 24 2002

       This is one of thhose ideas that most of us misunderstand and therefore gets an unfair hearing. I just wrote a really sarcastic annotation (now deleted).   

       skidd is proposing a network of transmitters (not receivers) that will interfere with video equipment and an electronic watermark on the recording. It's not about detecting the camera equipment (which would make PeterSealy's link a red herring). It's about examining videos and working out from them where they were filmed. I still don't think it would work or be effective but am going to croissant to try and balance out the misunderstanding fishbones.
st3f, Jan 24 2002

       I think y'all are misreading it. It's not to interfere with the equipment. It is, as I said the day he posted it, that the sounds can be heard <with appropriate equipment> on the tape so you can figure out where he is.   

       I take this from 'We could look for the sound frequency range'...
StarChaser, Jan 27 2002

       You're all off track... Have the guys know about a loosely guarded shipment of top quality video gear. There's even a better one that ossie has right now on board. Except, that is that it also carries a transponder - any freq. will do, I'd pick 70Mhz. Then track him down soopa easy...
rambunctious, Oct 19 2003

       Don't worry about Bin Laden. Gaddafi was an evil murdering terrorist scumbag 20 years ago and now look at him. Model leader. They'll give up looking for Bin Laden soon, you'll hear nothing for 10 years and next thing you know he'll be having tea with the Queen and selling his oil to George Bush III's oil company. What?... you mean Bin Laden doesn't have any oil ?
captainflack, Apr 30 2004

       //How to catch Bin Laden//   

       Go through the CIA invoices.
Detly, Apr 30 2004


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