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How to save the day again

Or lets build a great cause way...
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Jim has noted the upset generated by the conundrum of the moon or the day. Not deterred from his task Jim contemplates a great sea way to mitigate the gravitational effect of the tides...

The causeway will follow the moons orbit around the earth and the oceans will necessarily be drained into it. Jim awaits some numbers on how long it will take to make so...

madness, Feb 11 2009

Saving the day part one... How_20to_20save_20the_20day
I want to play a game, the moon or the day. Choose? [madness, Feb 11 2009]


       you will have to put energy into the system after it is built forever equivalent with all the tidal friction of the world.   

       You could ban tidal power plants for starters.
MercuryNotMars, Feb 11 2009

       Well actually the idea is to reduce the friction by creating a path of least resistance. So this delays the days demise --- only removing the pesky moon solves the problem...
madness, Feb 12 2009

       Strange how many of the 'renewable' energy sources (Tidal, Nuclear etc) are in fact non-renewable in the long term, whilst the non-renewable ones can all be replaced with a mere few hundred thousand years of swamp.
MadnessInMyMethod, Feb 12 2009

       What if we
a: freeze the water or
b: remove it from the oceans and place it in small brightly coloured plastic buckets so it cannot move around. Would this be an improvement on reducing friction as there would then be no tides at all. No doubt the small plastic spades supplied with the buckets could be put to some other, practical, world saving solution.
MadnessInMyMethod, Feb 12 2009

       [MiMM] Yes if you must...   

       Regarding renewable resources though..., if we examine thermodynamics in the same light as set theory we should conclude that thermodynamics is consistant only within a system that is not similarly governed...
madness, Feb 12 2009


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