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How's My Cycling?

Signage for bicycle messengers/couriers
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A plate (similar to a license plate) on the back of messenger/courier bikes that says "How's my Cycling?" with the phone number of the rider's employer.
21 Quest, Nov 23 2013


       Worth a try if it saves a few lives. but...

       Bike messenger fired because of real or imagined complaints, will invent knit covers for such signs. Or stickers to modify the phone numbers or bar codes.
popbottle, Nov 23 2013

       Make it in the form of a set of concentric circles of different colours. Locate the centre around the level of T7, optionally another target, sorry marker, on the back of the head.
8th of 7, Nov 23 2013

       Popbottle, the threat of bogus complaints is no different for cyclists than for drivers of commercial trucks (lorries to the Brits) which have such signage on the backs already. Perhaps handlebar-mounted cameras on the bicycles could be used for verifying the legitimacy of any complaints.

       There's already talk in some places of requiring all bicycles to be registered and have actual license plates on them.
21 Quest, Nov 23 2013

       That's a good idea, it will make life easier for the coroner.
8th of 7, Nov 24 2013


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