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Huge fan assisted pedestrians

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Whilst walking down the road, with a strong wind pushing my back, I realised how much this assisted me to go in the right direction.

So, I suggest two huge fans on each street, blowing in different directions, would be a net energy saving for pedestrians.

Obviously in the UK* the fans would be on the left side, and the rest of the planet would be on the wrong side of the road, again.

* and Thailand, and Japan, and somewhere else I can't remember.

not_morrison_rm, Apr 07 2017


       You probably can't remember Australia. Or New Zealand.   

       Here's a thought. As the planet warms, we'll probably be forced to set aside existing treaties and settle Antarctica. So, roads will start to radiate out from various nations' existing research stations and will, at some point, meet. Since several of those stations are British, Australian or Japanese, and several more aren't, hilarity awaits.   

       Meanwhile, re. the idea, I like the fans - not least because they promise some sort of unstable vortex in the middle of the road. Coloured smoke and glitter could be launched from vents in the asphalt to make it visible.
pertinax, Apr 07 2017

       WIFRT, I was expecting a fan (not unlike a paramotor) for each pedestrian.
This idea is both better (economies of scale) and worse (turbulence and chaos).
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 09 2017

       //Huge fan assisted pedestrians// That is a title in urgent need of a hyphen.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 09 2017

Or do we want 2? Now I'm confuzzled.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 09 2017

       Places like Manhattan will need propellors to force any remaining idiot pedestrians through the water, as global warming inundates the entire island.
xenzag, Apr 10 2017

       The Marilyns are not going to like those horizontal fans.
wjt, Apr 10 2017

       Is this "[[huge fan] assisted] pedestrians" or "huge [[fan assisted] pedestrians]", or even "[huge fan] [assisted pedestrians]"*?

*(The poorly received sequel to "[crouching tiger] [hidden dragon]")
hippo, Apr 10 2017

       You might as well just launch the pedestrians from place to place using compressed-air cannons, or trebuchets ...
8th of 7, Apr 10 2017

       People in sailing ships discovered long ago that if one ship gets directly between another and the wind, the ship in front receives less wind and slows down. So, the first few pedestrians to benefit from this Idea will be significantly reducing its benefit to all pedestrians farther up the street --unless you have a series of those large fans spaced fairly close together.
Vernon, Apr 10 2017

       ... or launch the rearmost pedestrian at a higher muzzle velocity.
8th of 7, Apr 10 2017

       The pedestians should wear the fans
pocmloc, Apr 10 2017


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