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Hula Hoop Ice Cream Maker

Burn off the fat you build from eating the ice cream you're making
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A coaxial hula hoop, consisting of an outer ring filled with rock salt and ice, and an inner ring filled with all of the necessary mixins from your favorite ice cream.

It would undoubtedly be heavier and thicker than your classic hip-swivel dingus, but that's part of the benefit.

The more you hula, the closer you get to completion. The more you hula, the more calories you burn. The heavier the hoop, the more calories you can eat back later.

Would probably need to have a separate funnel so that you can fill it more easily.

shapu, Sep 04 2007


       Or get a fat hoolista who can't quite get it going, and the ice cream takes so long to freeze the hoolista loses 5 pounds. Great diet incentive. maybe.
dentworth, Sep 04 2007

       Ha Ha! "Fat hoolista" fills my brain with pleasure particles! "Fat hoolista who can't quite get it going" doubly so!
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 04 2007

       You're welcome. Glad I could help.
dentworth, Sep 04 2007

       Bigger hulistas also mean bigger hoops, which means more ice cream.   

       Random [+] for [dentworth].
shapu, Sep 04 2007

       + Have pastry with your ice cream, though I don't think I could keep the thing going around long enough to make ice cream...maybe a *shake*.
xandram, Sep 04 2007

       It's always funny, when you slog away at the machines in the gym, puffing and panting and sweating, and you look at the sum total calories you've burned, and it's about enough for half a bran muffin. Or three spoonfuls of premium ice cream. Maybe funny isn't quite the right word for it.   

       But I'm all for the deindustrialization of food production, so a lo fat croissant for you! ++
DrCurry, Sep 04 2007

       I own a ball you roll around on the ground and make ice cream in. I salute this idea.
normzone, Sep 04 2007

       I can't find a link to verify, but remember reading ice cream makers are the most infrequently used kitchen appliance. This gadget might get more use. BUT, wouldn't the seperate loops of salt ice and ice cream ingredients maintain the same relative position as the hoop is hulaed. I don't think any churning would occur, kind of like swinging a bucket of water. Maybe someone can help me w/ the physics on this?
kcklein, Sep 05 2007

       Peristaltic gear drive.
normzone, Sep 05 2007

       I believe that the lateral motion in two dimensions would counteract the inertia of the materiel. I recall having had hula hoops in gym class that people had stuck pebbles into through cracks - the racket was nearly annoying enough to stop huling.
shapu, Sep 05 2007

       My goal is to find a gentle grassy slope just long enough and not too steep. Load the ball up with dairy, sugar, and fruit, seal it, and let it go. Walk to the bottom and enjoy.
normzone, Sep 06 2007

       time to move to switzerland.
k_sra, Sep 06 2007

       Or Ithaca, NY
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 06 2007

       This would be great if it was low calorie sorbet instead of ice cream. I need more exercise and this is right up my alley. [+]
Spacecoyote, Nov 18 2007

       Love it. [+] Norville Barnes would be proud.   

       One issue: once the ice cream is frozen inside, how do you get it out? Could there be a valve on the side where one can attach a soft-serve nozzle?   

       And while I'm at it, could the motion of one's, um, "huling" be used to power a refrigeration coil wrapped around the inner ring, thereby eliminating the need for ice and rock salt? Then again, why am I afraid that the energy needed to power such a system could only be produced by huling at some ludicrous speed?   

       I haven't quite thought of a snappy name for this product, but I do know that the tagline should be:   

       "It'll go straight to your hips!™ "
Desidiosus, Nov 19 2007

       Can also be used to make homemade frozen margaritas. [+]
gomer, Sep 09 2008

       The upper and lower half of the hula hoop would have to be threaded to facilitate opening and scooping.   

       I believe a multiple lead acme thread would be appropriate.   

       And yes, you can purchase hoops with marbles in them, and they rotate quite noisily.
normzone, Sep 11 2008

       The one time I tried to make ice cream I ended up with butter.
Voice, Feb 10 2020

       //hip-swivel dingus// excellent!
calum, Feb 14 2020

       // I ended up with butter. //   

       There's no reason why chocolate-flavoured iced butter shouldn't be a thing.
8th of 7, Feb 14 2020


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