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Human Model Numbers

Joe Montana, Steve Young and Tom Brady might be T-9000s for instance
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Steve Tyler and Mick Jagger might be YB-190s.

About 500 model numbers that basically cover all of humanity to the nearest set of metrics that 500 model types could discern between.

The example given is three quarterbacks who are very rich and talented, about the same height and musculature, similar skin tone and I think they all have the same hair color.

Taken into consideration would be Height, IQ, athletic ability, facial features, hair color etc. Since model numbers would not change with age, income or vocation would not be applicable. Uh oh, that sounds a little "master racey" so I'll point out that there's no quality judgment being rendered here, only people being cataloged by their features. Speaking of which, facial features could be measured against their deviation from the "golden ratio" which is a measurement of beauty that works across all races.

The catalog would start with one person putting up their model number with a computer program that would allow you to put your specifics into the data base where you would either be told you're an XP-76 like the first person or you're a new human model. So if you looked like the first guy, but were two inches taller, perhaps you'd be assigned the first designated XP-77 model number.

Would make dating a whole lot easier. "I only go for QT-107s but might consider 108s with a reaaaally good sense of humor or a lot of money. A QT-109 would have to be monarch of a small country to get a callback."

Gotta point out, this would be TOTALLY voluntary. I'd be curious to see others that were similar to me, wouldn't you?

I've got a feeling this is going to get boned into the stoneage.

doctorremulac3, Mar 11 2015


       Does it make product recall easier?   

       Product safety warning:   

       Model QT-109 is hazardous to health. It contains extreme narcissism, delusion of grandeur, and random bout of spontaneous violence.   

       Please dispose of this product at the nearest dumpster and a refund will be issued.
mofosyne, Mar 11 2015

       I don't know why I like this idea. I think it's the thought that there are others out there that are so similar to you that they could be classified as the same model number. It's comforting or something. I know I seem to form an instant affiliation with people who have the same first name as me. It's totally ridiculous, except that starting things off by saying "Hey! Awesome name! That's my name too!" gets relationships off to a good start.   

       I know that, human nature being what it is, there'd be an instant bond between people of the same model number, logical or not, it's just the way we're wired.
doctorremulac3, Mar 11 2015

       Or instant hatred, like how some of the girls I knew in high school got mad at each other for accidentally wearing the same <article of clothing>.
notexactly, Mar 11 2015

       Yea, it could backfire. "In other news, Epsilon Delta 7000s declare all out war on "inferior" 6000 models."   

       I live by the school in Palo Alto where they did the social experiment in the 70s where they divided people into two groups, gave the groups names, logos, specific clothing and just watched what happened. Well, they all got along great. Oh wait, the other thing. All out war.   

       I'll have to go back and look up the specifics, but what I remember is the students very quickly became antagonistic with members of the opposite group.   

       Come to think of it though, in relating this story it's got a bit of an apocryphal scent to it. I'll go back and look up the details. There's a good chance the students just started doing what they thought the teachers wanted them to do.
doctorremulac3, Mar 12 2015

       <obligatory> "I'm not a number, I'm a free man."   

       [+] . If they doubled as one's official name the problem of having an official name which isn't Amanda would have been solved.
nineteenthly, Mar 13 2015

       <obligatory> "I'm not a number, I'm an anaesthetist."
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 15 2015


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