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Hunky Chunky Freeway Lane

Special Freeway Lane that 4x4s MUST use
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SUV's get a lot of bad press, but that's because they look so ridiculous trundling along with all the regular traffic. The problem is that they don't get much of a chance to show the rest of us just what they can get up to, given half a chance.

The idea is that a special lane, or lanes on the Freeway be provided for SUV's that they MUST use. Whilst the rest of the highway would be maintained as usual, these special lanes would be chewed up into rubble and water filled ruts laced with potholes, to enable the SUV's to operate to their maximum potential, using the real terrain for which they were specially designed, without getting lost "off road".

There are several advantages to this idea 1 Many fly-overs and bridges would become redundant, saving the highway authorities a fortune, as these vehicles can leap across gaps, and traverse swift flowing water with ease, even when fully laden with a month's supply of Doritos. 2 No vehicle would need to go racing about over muddy fields again to prove its capabilities, when it can do so on the daily commute to the local school.

xenzag, Oct 05 2005

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       Small pothole is struck, soccer mom loses control, 3 tonne vehicle careers into traffic flow, fatalities ensue.
Texticle, Oct 05 2005

       SUVs should have to drive in a ditch, so they're no higher than normal cars :)
phundug, Oct 05 2005

       While this might be a good way to counteract the damage vehicles greater than 10,000 lbs gvw do to the roads, (The IRS gives big tax breaks for huge vehicles) and it could be applied only to vehicles not hauling goods, I am opposed to anything that forces SUVs to get worse gas mileage.
Chrishnaugh, Oct 06 2005

       In a design meeting the other day the chief design engineer proposed 22" wheels as optional equipment for our next truck. I could've reached over and slapped him.
RayfordSteele, Oct 06 2005

       Then of course, this was the same guy who turned his minivan into a sports car tuner and was responsible for the 300c (and it's mis-sized wheels between front and back). Google Ralph Gilles.
RayfordSteele, Oct 06 2005

       SUV's can handle rough terrain but its not very safe to do it at highway speeds.
Jscotty, Oct 10 2005

       SUV's can handle rough terrain but its not very safe to do it at highway speeds.
Jscotty, Oct 10 2005

       Another anti-SUV rant. -
angel, Oct 10 2005

       I like it. Much easier to implement on highways, yes. But [JScotty] is right, high speeds aren't good for SUV obstacle courses. Perhaps we just adjust some suburban main roads.
PollyNo9, Oct 10 2005


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