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fiber optic cement

fiber optics for on the go lane markings
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The famed Disney epcot center has fiber optic bundles built into the cement. These are used to razzle-dazzle generations of kids.

The same concept could be used to herd generations of adults through the convoluted streets of everywhere. I propose embedding fiber optic cables in pavement on normal streets. The fiber optics are laid down in the cement which means the high powered efficient bulb can be located in a convenient box next to the road. alternatively "cat eyes" could be placed over the fiber optic ends so that they don't get damaged.

it could be used for several indications, for example if there was an accident or a lane was shut down, red x's or arrows could appear on the cement almost instantaneously (much like the painted ones now) letting you know to merge. These could change colors with traffic signals letting you know the light has turned yellow if you're stuck behind a massive truck. it could replace signs to let you know about time based rules (no left turns between 2-5 pm, loading zone from 9-5) so instead of a hard to read sign that will give you a ticket, a giant red x appears in the turning lane, or a loading zone appears.

they could also be color coded to indicated road conditions (blue means slippery, yellow means traffic etc) and when an ambulance comes it would flash giant X's and create a lane down the middle of the road for them to drive in.

It could also be used in race tracks instead of flag men, to indicate crashes or spilled oil. instantaneous results and could put up routing lines

Now the final aspect is that using traffic monitoring cameras and light gates. a computer could determine the current capacity and average speed of a car lane. the lane markings could change color to indicate if a lane was less than ideally populated. This would help speed up traffic.

metarinka, Feb 09 2010

how epcot does it http://www.themedat...iclightingepcot.htm
fiber optic cement explained [metarinka, Feb 09 2010]

Cat eyes http://en.wikipedia...%27s_eye_%28road%29
LED cat eyes [metarinka, Feb 10 2010]


       It might work better with laser projectors at intersections. Dirt, mud, and snow would keep the symbols from being seen. Otherwise, nice idea.
rallen71366, Feb 10 2010

       Perhaps this could be more useful on the sides of buildings... where crap doesn't accumulate quite as quickly.
ye_river_xiv, Feb 12 2010

       It would be hard to see on clear days. And useless in snow areas.
tatterdemalion, Feb 12 2010

       interesting idea but incredibly expensive to do road repair around/through.
FlyingToaster, Feb 12 2010

       [+]if cat eyes needed in any case, why not rfid rc cat eyes? A simple rc onoff control would cost a dime or less and you could digitize old roads too.
pashute, Feb 12 2010


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