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Hybrid Rims

Earth spinners
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Forgive me for what is probably already an idea.

After market rims for gasoline powered vehicles that a have a counterweight which stays relatively stationary while moving. Think 2000's spinner rims. No chrome on these, just coils, controller and battery. The rim would have a bearing allowing the counterweight to level itself. The "counterweight" can either generate electricity during braking or apply tourque while accelerating.

evilpenguin, Mar 01 2024


       There's no benefit to having this on the wheel, and you're adding unsprung weight while reducing efficiency. If it's heavy enough to be very useful it's too heavy to use without redesigning and beefing up the vehicle's suspension. Much better to have it inside the car.
Voice, Mar 01 2024

       <chews popcorn>   



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