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Hydroelectric Calculator

Pioneering in renewable energy, I present the latest advancement that will save the planet.
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Oil prices are rocketing, and in desperate times we need to source our energy from renewable, "green" ideas. Solar powered calculators are available, but where's the dignity in that? I present to you: the hydroelectric calculator.

To fuel it, pour water in the bottle at the top. This water now has a head of several centimetres. In the central mechanism, a miniature Francis turbine (the most efficient turbine in the world!) takes advantage of the water flow, and generates a tiny current - giving the calculator enough life to perform even the most intense calculations. For about 30 seconds. Then you need to pour more water in.

mitxela, Oct 03 2008


       Most^H^H^H^H All people already carry around a renewable store of fluid, ready to power such a calculator.
neelandan, Oct 04 2008

       I think there is already a urine turbine idea on the 'bakery. This is to similar to that.
4whom, Oct 04 2008

       I don't think a urine turbine is the same as this. This is more of an entertaining piece of office equipment.   

       Also, it could instead have everything sealed. There would be a working fluid in an egg-timer-like bottle, and to get more power you would turn it upside down.
mitxela, Oct 04 2008

       Reminds me of the water-powered robot on the one episode of Futurama.
phoenix, Oct 04 2008

       mitxela, you could combine your idea with the hourglass. Just turn it upside down again when the water, sand, flour etc. has run its course. But you've got to find a better use for the energy generated than your tongue-in-cheek calculator
doanviettrung, Oct 04 2008

       Bear Grylls has prior art on the urine turban idea.
Spacecoyote, Oct 04 2008

       If you're going to have a miniature turbine anyway, why not make the entire calculator a microtech babbage engine (analytical, not diferencing). No need to go electric.
MechE, Oct 06 2008

       That would be awesome, but as it would no longer be hydroelectric, and the fact it would probably need a lot more energy to overcome mechanical friction, it may as well be driven by a handle. Or, although not as friendly to the planet, you could have a tiny desktop steam or Stirling engine powered by a candle. Or even one of the low-heat-difference ones that are powered by body heat - when you want to do quick arithmetic, you need to stick it to the warmest part of your body...
mitxela, Oct 06 2008

       This would be great in offices. "All right, who poured coffee into my calculator tank?" "Sorry boss, I had an urgent calculation request and the water cooler's empty."
phundug, Oct 06 2008

       in//to the warmest part//   

       of the hottest person in the office. That should do it.   

       The calculations, I mean.
neelandan, Oct 07 2008


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