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Intercontinental Ballistic Weinerschnitzel
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Tired of having your local purveyor of delivered foods tell you that you live just outside the delivery area? With ICBW, sausage (other foods to be added soon) can be delivered from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world.

Just plug in the coordinates, and push the button. The food will separate from the delivery vehicle upon re-entry.

hubby2debbie, Jan 20 2006


       I try to avoid fried food if I can.
skinflaps, Jan 20 2006

       you know those hoax callers? you know the ones that ring up and order 12 x 15" deep pan pizzas, garlic bread and half a dozen cans of coke to be delivered to fictitious addresses?
po, Jan 20 2006

       Condiments from space - SALT too ?
coprocephalous, Jan 20 2006

       If the customer is willing to wait, the arc of the delivered product can be raised above the atmosphere, so as to expose it to the nutritional enhancements that would be encountered in outer space...cosmic radiation, further cooking, and, in extreme cases, minerals from microscopic space debris that collide with it in the asteroid belt, or <reach exceeding grasp> the kupier belt. </reach exceeding grasp>
hubby2debbie, Jan 20 2006

       //cosmic radiation// We prefer the term "pico-waving"
OT. [h2d] Related to [dent]?
coprocephalous, Jan 20 2006

       Hallelujah! (Can that then be certified by a rabbi?)
hubby2debbie, Jan 20 2006

       Similar to the railgun pizza delivery system?
Laimak, Jan 20 2006

       The possibilities are endless. First food and grocery delivery and then there will be furniture and electronics deliveries. And then it opens up the possibility of air pirates who will steal your stuff while it is in mid air. But all in all, it gets my vote.
Jscotty, Jan 20 2006

       I was going to fire a pun at this one, but it appears I've been outpunned.
Giblet, Jan 21 2006


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