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IR laser gunsight

Don't warn the target
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Most good guns used by assasins, special forces, etc nowadays have a laser sight, which project red dots onto the target. This, however, is a dead giveaway, alerting the target to impending death.

Why not use an infra-red laser, and have an IR viewer in the sight on the gun?

Mickey the Fish, Jul 15 2003

A logo-laser designator http://www.halfbake...a/Iraqi_20Fun_20Ray
A more peaceful solution? [riposte, Oct 04 2004]

Holosight http://www.bushnell...opes/holosight.html
Virtual dot - no warning even with IR vision [dweeb, Oct 04 2004]

red dot sight http://www.clearlyo...p;products_id=62082
Laser sights are used by professionals and home defense alike for rapid acquisition of a target and "shooting from the hip" so to speak. Lasers sacrifice speed for accuracy so snipers aren't inclined to use them. Red Dot Holographic Sites like this one from Aimpoint take the best of both worlds. They can be used for rapid acquisition without warning the target. Also, it has selectable reticles for varying speed/accuracy. [sous-chef, Sep 21 2008]


       Why spoil the fun. It would be less of a challenge to pop 'em if there was no prior warning. I propose the antithesis to this idea, the chameleon tongue sticky sight.
When you have the target of your choice perfectly lined up in the crosshairs, a giant sticky tongue with a suction cup on the end darts out and thwops the victim on the forehead.Schloop! Then they either stand looking around trying to work out what the hellit was and unwittingly make themselves an easier target or they leg it. Much more sporting.
squeak, Jul 15 2003

       And really scary for them if you then didn't shoot them. The next time they looked in the mirror they'd know they had been snipered but wouldn't know when....or....where.
squeak, Jul 15 2003

       IR laser gunsight. When you feel that warm spot on your forehead... duck.
st3f, Jul 15 2003

       ...or go see a doctor.
krelnik, Jul 15 2003

       ...or a quack.   

       Duck! - he's a quack shot
gnomethang, Jul 15 2003

       Also somewhat baked in the Holosight - a holographic sight that shows the shooter a virtual red dot at the desired distance but without a real dot at all! See link.
dweeb, Jul 15 2003

       //Most good guns used by assasins, special forces, etc nowadays have a laser sight//   

       I thought snipers only used laser sights in the movies. A laser pointer is used typically in CQB/ house clearing - at very close range.   

       I have heard of lasers used on assault rifles, SMGs and handguns, but never on a gun with a scope.   

       The only exception was a Russian starlight scope I had the misfortune to be offered in Berlin which had a collimated IR illuminator (the thing was b*ggered and the laser was burned out). Ordinarily, the beam isn't even as wide as the field of view, but even then you don't want to scan it about too much. The idea is you rely on ambient light and just use it to briefly illuminate dark areas.   

       Mind you, I like the idea of one of those laser pointers that can project a pattern. If you are going to be theatrical about it, you mind's well paint a smiley on the guy's forehead.
FloridaManatee, Jul 16 2003

       IR aiming lasers are used by military personnel with night vision goggles. Perhaps they got this from the HB.
ldischler, Sep 21 2008

       2010 - links don't work anymore, but google for holosight gives hundreds of results...
pashute, May 05 2010


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