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ISIS tours in Iran

Instead of watching on your screen get the thrill of the real thing
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We supply the "News" tag, but no guarantee that it will be honored.
pashute, Oct 25 2021


       ? Are you suggesting that people sign up for ISIS to go bother Iran?
RayfordSteele, Oct 25 2021

       Not even an idea [-]
Voice, Oct 25 2021

       I too wish the world still had a Frontier. These days it's all intellectual frontiers, which is neato, but farther from the ancestral environment. There are many positive benefits to this change: peace, labor laws, retirement plans, enforceable contracts, etc. but there is no longer gold in the hills; just slightly less comfortable living. May be why some people like videogames.   

       [-] because there is nothing stopping you from joining the Army. Your own, hopefully.   

       Here's an idea: Internet TV, except instead of recommending what you want to watch, it recommends what you don't want to watch.
sninctown, Oct 25 2021


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