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ISP Money Vortex Project

Performance art project to make ISP charges common knowledge
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My Verizon Wireless iPhone account is now set at 12 GB per month for $110. Each extra GB is $15. They have pricing up to about 100 GB for $800 a month. For a cellphone data bill. I can easily take up the 12 GB by downloading one Youtube video. Imagine what that bill would be like if I live-streamed my entire life. Why dont i just live- stream my entire life and pay the resultant Verizon cellphone bill for one month. The tweet would look like this:

#Verizon bill this mo. $3700. More than my entire salary watching #Youtube videos on #iPhone

Is this common knowledge these days that you can spend your entire salary by accident on a cell phone bill?

JesusHChrist, Aug 16 2014

Data plan comparison http://futureshop.c...ID=17&CategoryID=85
For Toronto Canada. No unlimited packages. Max is 15 GB and $10/gb over. [rcarty, Aug 16 2014]

UK Data plan http://www.whistleo...c-9800-007ea81c33f3
Made one for Samsung Galaxy, seems like there are some affordable options for unlimited data in UK. [rcarty, Aug 16 2014]

Same website for Canada http://www.whistleo...1-a281-0f109254dad9
Unlimited data only provided in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. [rcarty, Aug 16 2014]


       It needs a running counter for the cost.
Voice, Aug 16 2014

       Why would you sign up with an ISP who charges by the Gb? You can get all-in packages with unlimited data for, what, £20 a month which is maybe $30.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 16 2014

       [rcarty], the problem with your link is that is assumes one is living in Toronto, Canada.   

       That's a bit like complaining about poor cell-phone coverage while your leg is being chewed off by a bear.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 16 2014

       Well I'm not living in Toronto, Canada but in Northern Ontario where it is much more likely to have one's leg chewed off by a bear, and incidentally to complain about one's cell-phone coverage. I'll try to find a similar UK chart.
rcarty, Aug 16 2014

       In the UK there are plenty of cheap unlimited deals, and most companies will do even better to keep you.   

       The main gripe in the UK used to be data roaming costs abroad, but many ISPs now offer UK rates in any (or many) EU country.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 16 2014

       //have one's leg chewed off by a bear,   

       Could I interest you in a NMRM anti-bear centaur costume, raises the number of legs to 4, so halving the bear's probability in getting an actual leg...on a home shopping channel near you..   

       NB read the title as ISP monkey vortex....the horror, the horror...
not_morrison_rm, Aug 16 2014


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