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ISP that pays for downtime

fairly self-explanatory
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It seems to me that if you are paying an ISP, it stands to reason that they should P.S. My idea is to have ISPs return a portion of money from their monthly bill (or subtract the amount from the next). My current formula for this amount is (downtime/total time in pay period) * payment amount. I also think ISPs should pay for the phone calls to the access number, so they'd be less apt to disconnect users.
nick_n_uit, Apr 19 2001


       That's called a "service level agreement". You can get them. They cost a little bit more, and are generally targeted at business consumers for whom downtime is measured in money. Covad offers an SLA, or used to, as a matter of course. Baked all crispy.
egnor, Apr 19 2001

       I want Kwest to pay me when my telephone is bonkers. And say, about that power outage...
Dog Ed, Apr 19 2001

       (power outage? at least where I live, power is metered, with no "base" charge --- I don't get charged anything for that duration of the outage for the simple reason that I'm not consuming anything...)
wiml, Apr 19 2001

       baked, as egnor says...but not for the little guy.   

       what's the dollar value of missing your daily Counterstrike (or other multiplayer game) fix?
sninctown, Nov 12 2005


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