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Ping Exchange

Faster then a CDN, and cheaper too
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People on opposite sides of the Atlantic host eachother's content to minimize ping times.

Willelmus hosts websites in Switzerland. When people from the US try to view his sites, the transatlantic ping times make the load time so long, that half his users leave before the front page is loaded.

He goes to parahost.com and browses the "trading post". He finds Barbara in the US who's European visitors are experiencing long ping times when visiting her sites. They enter into a standard you mirror-me-I-mirror-you agreement.

Now, US visitors of Willelmus' sites are automatically redirected to his US mirror.

fishboner, Feb 21 2011

akamai is slow http://www.akamai.com/
see? [fishboner, Feb 21 2011]


       mmmmm.... static content....
WcW, Feb 22 2011

       doesn't have to be with this system.
fishboner, Feb 22 2011


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