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I'm not robbing you, I just want to feel my face again

being a dental patient's heated facial stocking
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The dental procedure takes an hour; the novocaine lasts 3 or 4. Though they say the body metabolizes novocaine quickly, that's not quick enough for me.

So...use the same weave as for varicose vein stockings, adapt for the face & add heat to increase circulation. Side benefit is that is that the stocking masks your face from all the spit and loveliness that accommpany a trip to the dentist.

Better still if you can give the stocking a massage feature. Raises the cost significantly but then the psychological bonus might be worth it.

pigtails_and_ponies, Jun 02 2006

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       Bun simply for the anticipation created by title. I like being numb after the dentist.
epicproblem, Jun 02 2006

       I'm always inclined to bun an invention that will attract funny looks while you walk down the street :)
pertinax, Jun 03 2006

       You cold add massage feature bf attaching a string between the bandage and your shoes. It would massage your face while you walked.
PaulFromCanberra, Jun 03 2006

       [PaulFromCanberra], have you ever tried pulling at your lip while it's been numbed up from the dentists? I once tried that, and found myself stuck for the next 4 weeks with a lip that'd swelled up and wouldn't go down, and I suspect that a massage feature would do worse.   

       Bun for making me more worried about getting braces next week.
froglet, Jun 03 2006

       Whenever I get work done at the dentist that involves novacaine, I always end up chewing off part of my lip.   

       Just an FYI. [+]
shapu, Jun 03 2006

       I love to read ideas that make me laugh. I'm sure [pigtails] intented to... so here you go. ++
Pericles, Jun 03 2006

       had braces at 16, hurt like hell. gotta throw that out there. but dont worry, most of the severe pain comes later, getting them on initially isnt that bad. enjoy!
epicproblem, Jun 04 2006

       //had braces at 16, hurt like hell//   

       Thanks a bunch, that's really consoling. Instead of getting them at 16, I jump the gun by 3 days and get them while I'm still 15. Bloody brilliant.   

       (And I probably won't be able to have cake this Sunday either because of this...)
froglet, Jun 04 2006

       oh [froglet]. poor [froglet]. Adjusting the teeth doesn't cause real pain so much as soreness but do make sure to get enough ortho wax because those brackets will do a number on your cheeks.
pigtails_and_ponies, Jun 04 2006

       //Adjusting the teeth doesn't cause real pain//
It sure as hell does if you get them adjusted in a bar fight.
Letsbuildafort, Jun 04 2006

       Who adjusted your teeth for you [Letsbuildafort]? Let me at em. I'll kill em I tell ya. I'll slaughter em.
pigtails_and_ponies, Jun 04 2006

       Anything that makes a trip to the dentist a bit more bearable is fine by me. +

Now if you can come up with something that will relieve me of the heart-pounding, chair-clutching terror that accompanies the dentist's final approach to the target area then I might even start attending again.
DrBob, Jun 05 2006

       I am thinking that if you wear a stocking over your head in public you will never have a problem with waiting in long lines, being served quickly in a resturant, or getting getting good service in a retail store. Going into a very busy bank will even clear the lines out quickly. When you enter, everyone gets scared and runs out! Then simply remove the stocking and conduct your banking business normally.
Jscotty, Jun 05 2006

       Re: [Froglet]'s braces, nothing to worry about, they won't give you any anaesthetic. >;)   

       Seriously though, good luck. TBH, knock on wood, It'll probably be the most unpleasant medical procedure you ever undergo without some sort of serious painkiller--but it's by no means unbearable or anything. Just remember that it's all for good cause.
5th Earth, Jun 05 2006


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