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Ladies and Dental Men

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Braces are boring and ugly.... what are clearly needed are perfectly crafted little connected figures positioned between the teeth, depicted as if they are struggling and straining in various ways, for example to pull two doors apart.

{please can we have a separate "medical" category?}

xenzag, May 18 2012

Wilard Wigan http://www.google.c...0...0.0.X-lCtjeNdH4
[normzone, May 25 2012]


       This would be pretty easy to print on those see through braces. [+]   

       Put cartoon characters on them to get the kids to wear them. Have Smurphs or something pushing the teeth into place.
doctorremulac3, May 18 2012

       Very cute...+
blissmiss, May 18 2012

       This one really needs a sketch [xenzag]. (+)   

FlyingToaster, May 19 2012


       For some reason I am at a total loss to explain, this reminds me of the old PC game 'Lemmings'.
Alterother, May 19 2012

       //This one really needs a sketch// - I'm very busy with other work, but may make up an illustration for this one.
xenzag, May 19 2012

       Sounds like a job for Willard Wigan.
Phrontistery, May 19 2012

Voice, May 25 2012

xandram, May 25 2012

       If I had one of these between each tooth, would that be enough to compose a league? And if they were each unique in some fashion and entirely unlike other dental men, could they be considered extraordinary?   

       (yes, I know I had to stretch that one quite badly)
RayfordSteele, May 25 2012

       A league of extraordinary dental men? Talk about being mental for dental...
normzone, May 25 2012


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